Innovation in India Series
An Analysis of Select Pharma/Biotech Start-ups

Innovation is still in its nascent stage in the Indian Pharma sector but like the west it is being nurtured in the backyards of few innovator start-up companies. Unlike the west IPO is not the popular route of raising capital in India for innovator companies as the public perception, appreciation and understanding of the technology and innovation, value of intellectual property is very limited.  However, there still exist a few entrepreneurs/ innovator companies who are “in the pursuit of happiness” managing funds through grants, angel investors and personal assets.  Indian Pharma Companies and VC’s are willing to shop abroad but are sceptical about the efforts and science of home grown technologies.  They need to realize that the outcome of research and clinical trial- success and failures are universal!  Long term growth can only come from innovative patent protected products and in this report, we highlight some of the promising Indian innovator companies.

The companies, we have covered, include:

  • Bugworks, the 1st awardee of the CARB-X grant from Asia developing novel anti-infectives for serious drug resistant infections.  The knowledge that there are “Bad Bugs, but No Drugs” has been there from more than two decades but efforts of fighting with new warfare has not been very successful worldwide.  We elaborate on this urgent need and the potential of an innovative antibiotic for serious infections.
  • Vitas Pharma also focuses on developing novel anti-infectives.
  • Levim Biotech is focusing on microbial recombinant proteins/biosimilars API, synthetic peptide based therapeutics and proprietary drug delivery technologies.
  • Saksin Lifesciences is focusing on proprietary bio better molecules.
  • Cellix Bio has churned out an impressive pipeline of patented NME’s that can be developed by the 505(2)(b) route targeting chronic diseases.
  • PlasmaGen BioSciences is expected to start the manufacturing of safe and affordable therapeutic human plasma proteins.
  • APAC Biotech has made a beginning in cell based immunotherapy/ personalised therapy for various cancer.

Author Bio

Subita Srimal

ProGrow Pharma (PGP) Partners caters the full spectrum of services to Pharma companies (Pharma/ Biotech, Generic, CRAMS, CROs, Start-ups) and its Investors (Private Equity, Fund Managers, HNI).  With decades of experience in strategic advisory, regulatory aspects, technical publications, understanding complex drugs, identifying market potential and all related services, the team is widely approached by pharmaceutical companies and experts.  Our team can support you from defining strategic programmes to providing expert guidance for tactical operations to transform your operational or market based challenges into growth aligned opportunities.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Levim Biotech
    • Executive Summary
    • Therapy Focus
    • Technology Platform
    • Services
    • Facility
    • Marketed Product – Recombinant Streptokinase
    • Pipeline – Biosimilars/biologics API
  3. Bugworks
    • Executive Summary
    • Technology Platform
    • Focus- Serious Gram-Negative Infections
    • Pipeline
  4. Cellix Bio
    • Executive Summary
    • Technology Platform
    • Pipeline
    • Intellectual Property
  5. PlasmaGen BioSciences
    • Executive Summary
    • Focus on Unmet need and Untapped resource
    • Market Overview
    • Plasma Scenario- Challenges
    • Current Plasma Fractionation Yields
  6. Saksin Life Sciences
    • Executive Summary
    • Technology Platform
    • Advantages of the novel Bio-Better for AMD
    • Business model
    • Market Overview
  7. APAC Biotech
    • Executive Summary
    • Technology platform
    • Focus
  8. Vitas Pharma
    • Executive Summary
    • Technology Platform
    • Pipeline
    • Focus: Microbial – Multi-Drug Resistance
  • Levim Biotech
  • Bugworks
  • Cellix Bio
  • PlasmaGen BioSciences
  • Saksin Life Sciences
  • APAC Biotech
  • Vitas Pharma
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