Financial Services
With the domain knowledge under one platform, the team uses appropriate valuation methodology at a given point of time to assist clients in making right investment decision.
Strategic Advisory
ProGrow Pharma Partners offers effective and efficient solutions to Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies for their current business operations improvement and future growth potential.
Customized Research
ProGrow Pharma Partners' expertise and in-depth analysis of the technologies, competition, unmet need, financial risks, and opportunities provide holistic perspective.
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About us

ProGrow Pharma (PGP) Partners, through exclusive focus and decade of experience in serving the Pharmaceutical Industry, caters the full spectrum of services for Pharma companies (Pharma/Biotech, Generic, CRAMS, CROs, Startups) and its Investors (Private Equity, Fund Managers, HNI).

The changing dynamics in the pharma industry across the world along with new government policies pose challenges for all pharma companies and investors. The high cost and risk associated with drug development, expiry of patents of blockbuster drugs has posed challenges as well as opportunities within the Pharma sector.

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What we do

Strategic Advisory

ProGrow Pharma Partners has the edge in creating and offering the effective and efficient foundation to pharmaceutical and biotech companies for their current business operations improvement and future growth potential, as well. 

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Financial Services

With the domain knowledge under one platform, the team uses appropriate valuation methodology at a given point of time to assist clients in taking right investment decision.

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Customized research

ProGrow Pharma Partners’ varied research methodologies, along with databases and resources allow to offer tailor-made research services. 

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Feasibility Studies

The team of PGP Partners offers this service under Spectrum ProGrow Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (SPGA) in which it provides pre-feasibility, market feasibility, and techno-commercial feasibility studies.

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Will the “Off patent Drug List” released by USFDA Benefit Indian Generic Companies?

Soaring drug prices and cost of health care is a worldwide concern and availability of generic drugs have helped in making some drugs “affordable” globally.  Thus, the regulatory agencies have been encouraging use of generics. Indian Drug manufacturers have contributed significantly in this effort.

Data from the USFDA shows there has been a 50% rise in the number of approvals between January and June for Indian companies in 2017. The Indian companies, received 141 drug approvals.  This is significantly higher than the 94 approvals received during the same period last year. Considering the ongoing USFDA regulatory compliance issues faced by major Indian generic companies, the spike in approvals is commendable! The introduction of Generic Drug User Fees Act (GDUFA) in US have helped in expediting these approvals.

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Focus – Management of Weight Sweetly!

June 1, 2017

Weight management by approved drugs Belviq / Belviq XR (Arena/ Eisai, June 2012 & XR – July 2016; Net sales FY16A

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What has been Good for the Pharma sector so far?

May 1, 2017

Unexpected events during the end of 2016 took a toll on general optimism and expectations for 2017.

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Research Report

Advance in Drug Delivery & Formulation Technology Series

Nanotherapeutics in the treatment of Cancer – Advances to Improve Efficacy, Bioavailability and Safety

The application of nanotechnology in the field of Medicine has rewarded all “P’s”-patients’ physicians and pharmaceutical companies. Nanotherapeutics have helped in overcoming the major limitations of the 1st generation drugs developed for the disease. Despite the major benefits achieved like protecting the normal cells from the lethality of the chemotherapy drugs, research and development is aggressively being pursued to further improve on the efficacy, specificity, targeting only the tumor site, overcoming multidrug resistance etc. The list goes on lighting hopes for better outcomes for cancer treatments. In this report we focus on the evolution of nanotherapeutics in the treatment of cancer and the advances being made in this area.

The list of approved drugs is large but pales in front of the list of drugs under development and in the clinic. Needless to state that the commercial rewards for the approved drugs are fuelling the pipeline! In this report we discuss some of the drugs in the pipeline the companies and the market opportunity. 


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Parkinson’s Disease: Molecular Landscape & Future Disease Modifying Targeted Therapies

September 27, 2018

The success of targeted therapies in indications like cancer, chronic diseases have paved the way for using this approach in more challenging indications like Parkinson’s..

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Exploring Opportunities in Niche Therapies – Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) Infections

May 16, 2018

The spectrum of diseases caused by Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is diverse.Most CMV infections are “silent,” where the infected people exhibit …

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