Subita Srimal

PhD, (Biochemistry)


PhD (Biochemistry), Partner, 30+ years of experience, lends the flavour of a scientist, researcher, entrepreneur and Pharma advisor to the company. Her understanding of innovative drugs/ technologies being developed by companies across the Globe, is useful to identify new opportunities for companies. With hands on experience in the lab, setting up her own company and global exposure, she provides a mature holistic perspective to the clients. Her experience while consulting included in-depth analysis of global innovative biotech companies, Technical and strategic advisory services to Indian Pharma companies.

Achievements and Experience

She founded MBPL that manufactured a diagnostic reagent, Carcinoscorpiusb Amebocyte Lysate (CAL) used for the detection of pyrogens. CAL was developed from the bench to the commercial level solely and included in the Indian Pharmacopeia through her efforts.

Her scientific experience is derived from her work in international labs Kyushu University, Japan; Cornell University Medical College, New York; MBL, Woods Hole; Indian Institute of Chemical Biology Kolkatta Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai; Institute of Microbial Technology Chandigarh, and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.